Hi there everyone, I want to give you an update on a network launching 01-21-12. This is a network that will touch every aspect of business.

HERE IS OUR VISION FOR OUR NETWORK: We will be connecting Talented Entertainers with business owners that hire them. We are starting in the good old USA, we are getting submissions from the UK AND all over the world. WE ARE GETTING CALLS ON A DAILY BASIS from record labels, promoters, managers, and more.

We will be asking business owners to join us for free. The agree to book with us and our network occasionally and we promote our artist on several media social sites and will be adding mobile texting to all of the artists fans. Now they can get weekly updates from the bands they want to know where they are playing thereby promoting the business they are playing at.

We can for an additional fee to the business owner add this same application to their business by messaging their customers to events and daily drink or food specials they may be doing that day. Thereby giving even more promotions to their business.

We plan to add distributors to our site that will want to advertise on our site because we have all the businesses that sell food and alcohol. We can send our business owners news letters to let them know vodka is on sale. Wouldn’t the business owner like to know enough to order an extra case that they normally would not have ordered.

Next comes the hotel/motel business. Our artist need a place to stay when they travel to these businesses. We will be asking hotels and motels to list with us and give our artist a discount. now everyone is winning.

Next we have taxi services, at the end of the night we can text message every fan and every customer of the business a reminder not to drink and drive and the number of the taxi service.

Next comes Selling the Artist CD’S AND MERCHANDISE on the very platform that will be playing their music across the world. it is as simple as adding an Affiliate link for them as you all know how that works since you are on the network here.

LASTLY I AM ASKING ALL OF EMPOWER NETWORK TO DO ME A BIG FAVOR JUST GO TO THE LINK HERE https://t.co/KTbf77qm AND VOTE FOR FRANK PALANGI …HE IS UP FOR SINGING AT THE GRAMMYS. ALL OF YOU I ASK THAT YOU VOTE FOR HIM …This is what we do promote promote promote all of our artist. Especially ones that back us. And FRANK has been with us from the start. and a Great guy with a heart. please vote




Stop waiting, wondering, just join now. We could all retire on this. Just tell others and blog here It’s that easy. There is now #UltraBook out there that will make you money. Just this network that grows and grows.



Now that we are all building our downline, making money on Empower Network I think its time to share with each other. Time to come together and share each others products services. Help each other market our services.

I for one believe in Empower and strength in numbers we are now all banding together joining arms and fighting evil and doubters.

Now is the time to reach out and contact one another. How about we all start a tag your it and introduce our selves I Have a facebook account called tag your it if we would all like to use it put our names some of our main promotional links share with each other lets become a community


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